Graduate Nurses

Mosaic Life Care welcomes graduate nurses to submit their applications before graduation. You will find a graduate nurse job posting on our career opportunities page. Graduate nurses can begin employment immediately after graduation and can work up to 90 days before obtaining and unencumbered nursing licnese.

Interview and Growth Opportunities

All applications are reviewed by the nurse recruiter. The interview process is a unique experience tailored to nursing candidates. Multiple candidates are interviewed in one session, allowing each candidate to spend time speaking with each hiring manager. Mosaic Life Care also offers eligible
candidates the ability to job shadow.

Mosaic Life Care encourages employees to grow both professionally and personally. The Growth and Assistance program is intended to:

  • Enhance employment opportunities with Mosaic Life Care and within the community
  • Increase job flexibility
  • Provide versatility in changing job markets
  • Improve job security
  • Enhance personal and professional satisfaction
  • Increase opportunity for advancement
  • Support areas experiencing expanded need 

Tuition Reimbursement

Undergraduate- and graduate-level programs and programs leading to certification in an approved health-care related field may be reimbursed up to $3,000 per school year.

Nurse Residency and Mentorship Program

The Nurse Residency and Mentorship Program at Mosaic Life Care is a twelve-month program based on the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education’s (CCNE) entry to practice standard. The program curriculum is designed to facilitate and support the transition to practice for the new graduate nurse in their professional role.

The Nurse Residency and Mentorship Program at Mosaic Life Care provides support to the new graduate nurse during the first year into nursing practice, by building relationships with experienced nurses, providing constructive feedback, improving critical thinking skills through interactive activities in a non-threatening environment. The program provides the new graduate nurse with the opportunity to collaborate with peers and share common experiences to bring all the pieces of nursing care together. In addition, financial support, emotional support, and peer-to-peer relationship building will be provided.
All completed applications will be reviewed by our Nurse Residency Coordinator and Nurse Recruiter. Not all applicants will be selected, as there is limited capacity. If you are selected as a candidate, you will be contacted by phone. If you are not selected as a candidate, you will be notified by email, once a decision has been made.

All applicants must be a graduate of an Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN) or Bachelor of Science in Nursing BSN program within the last year or expected to graduate from an ADN or BSN program in the next six months and/or have less than six months experience.
Apply Now!

 If you are currently a Mosaic Life Care caregiver and have questions on how to apply, please email the recruitment team at and/or

Nurse Residency Program Details:


Nurse Residency Program Expectations:


Mentorship Program Details and Expectations:


Program Goals
  • Engage in evidence-based practice through professional development and collaboration
  • Improve nurse retention and role satisfaction through ongoing support
  • Encourage advancement of knowledge, skills, and qualifications from advanced beginner to competent nurse
  • To promote and sustain psychological safety among nursing caregivers