Graduate Nurses

Mosaic Life Care welcomes graduate nurses to submit their applications before graduation. You will find a graduate nurse job posting on our career opportunities page. Graduate nurses can begin employment immediately after graduation and can work up to 90 days before obtaining and unencumbered nursing license.

Interview and Growth Opportunities

All applications are reviewed by the nurse recruiter. The interview process is a unique experience tailored to nursing candidates. Mosaic Life Care also offers eligible candidates the ability to job shadow.

Mosaic Life Care encourages employees to grow both professionally and personally. The Growth and Assistance program is intended to:

  • Enhance employment opportunities with Mosaic Life Care and within the community
  • Increase job flexibility
  • Provide versatility in changing job markets
  • Improve job security
  • Enhance personal and professional satisfaction
  • Increase opportunity for advancement
  • Support areas experiencing expanded need 

Retention Bonus
All inpatient clinical registered nurse and licensed practical nurse positions are eligible for a retention bonus up to $10,000. This is a 2-year agreement with the inpatient nurse position.
  • Registered Nurses $10,000
  • LPNs $5000

Tuition Reimbursement

Undergraduate- and graduate-level programs and programs leading to certification in an approved health-care related field may be reimbursed up to $3,000 per school year.

Student Loan Assistance Program (Tuition IO)
Mosaic Life Care takes a holistic view of caregiver well-being, one that includes physical, mental, and financial health. To align with this life care model, Mosaic Life Care will contribute to eligible caregiver's student loans to help with this financial burden. Eligible caregivers who register will receive $150/month for 36 months and $200/month for months 37 – 60 in the program, up to a lifetime max of 5 years (a total of $10,200).

RN Certification Program
Obtaining a nursing certification can be an essential part of professional development and the first step in being an advocate, change agent, leader, and expert.
If a caregiver is required to have multiple certifications, registrations, and/or licensure, the caregiver may be reimbursed for the additional required credentials through the department.
The goal of this program is to elevate the professionalism of our front-line RNs. This program will pay for an additional certification that is board certified or equivalent and relevant to an RNs primary role, beyond those required within the caregiver’s job description (ACLS, BLS, TNCC, etc.). The maximum allowance is $1,000 FT/$500 PT annually for a qualified certification approved by the organization. The program will also reimburse the caregiver for successful completion of the exam.